Thursday, 20 November 2014

What to Feed Your Pet Macaw?

Macaws are exotic animals native to Central and South America where they thrive in the bountiful rain forests. Macaws are beautiful, intelligent and colorful large birds which are highly developed socially and make great pets if taken proper care of. Obviously a macaw eats a variety of different foods in its natural habitat so its diet must be adjusted according to its nutritional needs. Here a few simple guidelines to help you plan a suitable diet for your beloved pet macaw.

Bird seed

It is a common misconception that birds need only birds seeds to stay healthy and fit. This is not true because commonly manufactured bird seed mixes sold at US pet stores are deficient in vital minerals and vitamins. Moreover, they are high in fat content that is not required by these birds. In fact it may lead to obesity and diseases caused by deficiency of important nutrients. Seeds should be considered as treats for macaws and given sparingly to prevent the pet getting addicted to them. Birds are quite stubborn when it comes to their food preferences so if a malnourished macaw is adamant about only eating bird seed, it will take a lot of hard work and patience to adjust its dietary habits.

Fresh fruits

A wild macaw’s daily diet consists largely of fresh fruits and plant material that is ideal for the fulfillment of all its nutritional needs. Care must be taken to ensure that there are no residual pesticides, chemicals or fertilizers left on the fruits and vegetables. Such chemicals harm living creatures through the process of bioaccumulation. The higher up the food chain such chemicals go the greater the risk of damage to vital organ systems becomes. Avocado is considered toxic by some reporters. Up to 25 % of a macaw’s diet should comprise of vegetables and fruits containing essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Good choices include apples, coconut, cucumber, figs, grapes, berries, potatoes, citrus fruits, etc. Chopping up these healthy foods into smaller pieces for your pet bird is recommended for convenient consumption.


There is a great range of pellets in many different colors, flavors and ingredients available in the bird supplies section supermarkets online like where comparison shopping is also offered. Pellets are specifically developed as the perfect diet to meet all your pet bird’s dietary requirements. These are highly recommended and should make up to 80% of your macaw’s daily diet. These include important nutrients that are low in calories and have amazing benefits for your macaw’s nourishment including boosting immunity.

Fresh water needs to be provided daily to keep your macaw fresh and hydrated. Grit or gravel is often not essential for a macaw and may even cause problems. High calorie processed human foods should never be offered to a macaw. To avoid chances of development of health related issues, a healthy diet must be promoted to satisfy your macaw’s hunger and nutritional requirements.  

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